Confronting Construction Challenges

Times have changed for the AEC industry with an increase in the complexity of building construction. Allan Partridge, Principal at Group2, explains, “What we could do with ten drawings twenty to thirty years ago, we do with fifty drawings now.” Thus the onus is upon architectural and engineering firms to produce more drawings in less time but with the same high degree of quality in order to prevent problems on site. In this sense, Allan maintains, the AEC industry remains “highly challenged.”

Allan, who also serves as President of the Canada Building Information Modeling (BIM) Council (CanBIM), is at the forefront of implementing a BIM strategy for the Group2 Edmonton studio – a strategy he believes addresses challenges in construction by developing innovative solutions for the built environment.

eTraining Facilitates Efficiency

Training is an important part of Group2’s BIM transformation plan. Allan believes that “if people are working faster and smarter, then there is a net benefit.” To achieve this improved efficiency, Group2 has implemented Global eTraining’s technical BIM training platform throughout the organization.

Gareth Leach, Associate and Senior Architectural Technologist at the Edmonton Group2 studio, administers the Global eTraining modules internally. He has noticed many new workforce entries lack a basic understanding of foundational BIM software applications like Revit and Navisworks, both by Autodesk.

By implementing Global eTraining, Group2’s new hires can learn at a time and pace that supports, rather than detracts from, their focus on the technical aspect of their jobs. Gareth especially appreciates the set-up of the Global eTraining modules, which start clearly at the beginning and build from those essential basic skills. “Developing this base skill set,” Gareth observes, “gives many people confidence when they initially have apprehensions,” leading to what he calls a “mindset change” – one that encourages less resistance, specifically toward the software needed for BIM.

Personal and Outcome-Driven Learning

Individual learning styles differ greatly, and Allison Leggatt, a self-described “hands-on learner” and an interior designer, also at the Edmonton Group2 studio, appreciates how the Global eTraining courses gave her the opportunity to “do” rather than to sit passively and simply observe traditional instructor-led curriculum.

Speaking further to Global eTraining’s appealing and easy-to-follow visual and audio delivery, Miranda Scharf, an architectural technologist, was excited to learn more efficient ways of executing certain tasks after completing eTraining’s Revit modules.

Positive Results

The employees who have worked through the eTraining modules now have the confidence to further explore software that advances Group2’s BIM plan. This increase in confidence translates to individuals who are a great benefit to the project team, as they work more effectively together and can contribute to meeting objectives more quickly.

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