Finding the Balance Between Training and Charge-ability

“When we get busy,” explains Bob McDonald, Associate and Information Management Division Manager at Golder Associates, “our CAD and GIS teams are hit the hardest.” For this reason, the implementation of a good technical training program is vital for Golder Associates. However, Bob maintains, a balance must be struck between “training time” and “charge-ability pressure.”

In order to strike that balance, Golder Associates sought a training platform that was what Bob describes as both “innovative and time-saving.” Golder Associates was eager to team up with GeT to offer accessible elearning to its employees, because GeT offers the flexibility of access to technical courseware that is available on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Boosting the Project Team’s Efficiency

Bob points out that GeT’s resources “helped the drafting team gain speed on CAD and Civil 3D, especially,” pointing out that users became more efficient throughout their training. More efficiency and productivity led to a team-size reduction, in one case, of nearly half – a project that previously took 13 technologists, now only required seven, and these seven users were able to “produce just as many reports, figures, and drawings.”

Improvement in Core Competency

Golder Associates is pleased to see that the people who have engaged in the training are benefiting. In fact, Bob explains, after working on GeT modules, the “core competency” of users has improved, allowing for the added bonus of “more predictability” in meeting estimated timelines.

The users who have trained on the GeT courseware describe it as “comprehensive” and as a valuable tool that has helped some of GA employees to successfully pass their certification exams.

Direct Application of eTraining

Employees at Golder Associates take advantage of their dual monitors by keeping related GeT modules open on one screen and continuing their project work on the other. Not only does this enable the users to “apply their learning almost immediately,” but this practice also allows the users to become “more engaged in the whole aspect of training,” says Bob.

Golder Associates’ Prairies and North Region office initially adopted GeT’s program as a “pilot project,” but Golder Associates now looks forward to rolling out this effective eTraining platform across the organization. Golder Associates witnessed GeT’s direct positive effect on their productivity, efficiency, and growth.

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