The Company

Global eTraining (GeT) is an award-winning provider of interactive online training solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. We are a strategic training partner to some of the world’s largest and most diverse multinational design, construction and software organizations, government bodies and educational institutions, and the global leader in designing training for the 21st Century.

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The History

Stemming from a family enterprise with deep roots in the business of education, Global eTraining was launched in 2010. The proud recipient of the 2014 CODiE Award for Best Corporate Training / Workforce Development Solution, GeT has quickly made its mark on the education technology industry.

Over the past 5 years, Global eTraining has sold a million courses to learners in 139 countries.

Global eTraining is truly globally training.

The Founders

Susan Brattberg

Susan Brattberg

Chief Customer Officer

Susan is a hands-on Chief Customer Officer. Right now, Susan is probably globe-trotting to a conference or to meet with a valued customer. For over a decade, Susan has been a trusted corporate training advisor to top executives at global corporations, prestigious universities, and government agencies. A Director for the Canada BIM council, Susan says “BIM is 90% Sociology and 10% Technology”. She has a B.A in Organizational Dynamics and an Executive MBA and is a yogi.

Holly Brattberg

Holly Brattberg

Chief Financial Officer

Holly is in her comfort-zone when challenges are big and ideas are bigger. Named one of Canada’s Top Young Entrepreneurs, Holly is a creative problem solver and deal maker. Her system: “for mass innovation, follow the scientific method.” A ground-breaking thinker in education, Holly’s instructional design expertise has been implemented by companies of all sizes, academic institutions and governments. Holly has a Biomechanics and an Executive MBA and is a snowboarder.

Steve Wenzel

Steve Wenzel

Chief Executive Officer

For Steve, the challenge of designing and commercializing the world’s most advanced technical training platform is all in a day’s work. Steve works closely with the GeT global reseller network and applies his engineering background to build efficient processes throughout the company. He’s continually looking ahead to design the next big thing for education technology because as he says, “You simply can’t rapid prototype a textbook…”. Steve has a Masters of Biomedical Engineering and is a kite-surfer.

Jacqui Wenzel

Jacqui Wenzel

Chief Technical Officer

Jacqui brings insight into how students learn and retain information that has built the foundation for GeT ‘s success – “People learn better when they’re having fun!” Applying her academic background to her daily work, her honours dissertation was on cognitive learning techniques and teaching methodologies. Jacqui is light years ahead of the industry, designing 21st century training. Her global team of project managers and subject matter experts run like clockwork. Jacqui has an Honours Science Degree in Educational Psychology and is a cross-fitter.

Superior Learning Technology

Global eTraining’s patented learning methodology adapts to each student’s unique combination of learning styles with text, audio, demos, exercises, and videos, engaging all the senses and anchoring learning with action.

The Global eTraining cloud-based technical training platform is the foundation for comprehensive corporate, educational and government knowledge management solutions. The GeT platform combines our advanced training libraries, alongside your proprietary know-how, which is converted to interactive and engaging courseware using The Generator.

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WOW Award 2014
CODiE Award 2014
Brandon Hall Award 2014

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