GeT’s Workflow Workbook is the best solution for integrating content into end-user workflows.

The Workflow Workbook works in a typical workflow diagram format and links with interactive content.  It can take all the content, processes, and documentation, and compile it for end-users in any professional setting.  Content across different departments can be compiled to support single workflows, or expanded to support multiple departments and workflows simultaneously.  In the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction fields, the Workflow Workbook has been used to substantially increase efficiency in workflow management, and, as importantly, increase efficacy in delivering world-class end-user results.  Because the Workflow Workbook is based on the concepts of VARK (the idea that people learn and retain knowledge in many different ways: visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetically), end-users may customize content as lightly or as deeply as they would like and still produce world-class results.