The Most Advanced Platform

Global eTraining offers the most advanced course delivery platform, and we are constantly raising the bar with innovative new technology

Software Plug-in

Software Plugin

GeT know-how, accessible right inside the software program, right at your fingertips. Available for most Hero courses with more coming soon!

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The Generator 2.0

Global eTraining Upgrades Award-Winning Proprietary Knowledge Capture Tool, Releases The Generator 2.0

The Generator is cloud-based software that connects subject matter experts to a collaborative course-building process.

New features in The Generator make building and customizing your own courses even simpler and slicker.

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AutoTranslate (Beta)


As a user of The Generator, build your course in multiple languages and set the industry terminology yourself. So whether you are learning in English, Spanish, French or any of our 18 supported languages, we have you covered.

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The Workflow Workbook

Global eTraining Unveils The Workflow Workbook, Transforms BIM Solutions Into Project Enablers

The Workflow Workbook allows you to reorganize and combine GeT modules across software topics with your company-specific processes and know-how to connect learners to the right training at the right time to match your project-specific workflows.

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