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In an ideal world, businesses will only hire the best, most skilled candidate to fill a job posting. And while they may interview well, and excel in their initial three or six months with the company, skills can degrade over time, making the new hire less and less effective as time goes on. Knowledge needs to be renewed on a regular basis; technical skills require attention and training to remain on point, much as a knife requires a sharpening from time to time.

In a world where businesses are focusing on billable hours, winning new work, conquering the world with new and innovative ideas, and squeezing in administration time, finding time for your employees to complete continuing education may seem daunting to most companies.

The solution is utilizing Global eTraining’s Plug-In.

Keep People Billable

Having a centralized education and information hub for your company ensures that every employee has on-demand access to the information they need to complete their job properly and efficiently. This decreases the amount of time required for external education courses by keeping their skills sharp and increases the amount of time that they can complete projects.

Keep Work Standardized

The Plug-In will allow you to provide your employees with world-class training on the software that you use while integrating your own knowledge capture of best practices, policies, and procedures unique to your firm—even specific requirements for the current project will be at your employee’s fingertips at all times.

Keep Skills Fresh

Most employees use a range of skills and knowledge throughout their tenure with your company, but some skills are used less frequently than others. The Plug-In helps keep these skills fresh in our employees’ minds by providing learning and reference material on-demand, ensuring that the required knowledge is in their hands when they need it.

Keep Growing

With over 30 years of experience in asynchronous technical training, Global eTraining is perfectly positioned to help your business scale their education programs to fit the needs of your growing company. Our Advisory Board will keep you up-to-date with new features and functions that your program will benefit from, train your staff in your methodologies as they progress and transform over time, and ensure that you are effectively leveraging your personalized training program.

The Plug-In is an effective tool to ensure that your staff is on point at all times, and allows your training programs and knowledge centre to grow and transform along with your company. Keep your employees engaged, enlightened, and efficient with The Plug-In by Global eTraining. Contact us to learn more.