BIM 140 - BIM for the Owner's Team

BIM has been called many things: a paradigm shift, a disruptive innovation, and a new market segment. The fundamental similarity in all of these classifications is that BIM has changed the way the construction industry does business. These changes can be felt in the largest of scopes to the most granular of activities. In past courses, we stated that most BIM projects follow the same paths, while at the same time each BIM project tends to be unique within that path. In this course, we will focus on how BIM as a paradigm shift has impacted the owner’s team.

By the end of the BIM for Owner’s Team course, you’ll be able to describe the benefits of a BIM process from an owner’s point of view, describe the owner’s team and how a BIM Commissioner can help support their BIM goals, identify requirements of a BIM savvy RFP, the digital templates, and BIM project documents, and review the available National BIM Standards supporting the efforts of the BIM savvy owner.

Duration: 1h 30m

What You'll Learn

  • The BIM Savvy Owner
  • Benefits to Owners and Facility Managers
  • Skills of the Owner’s Team
  • Who is on the Owner’s Team?
  • The BIM Savvy Process
  • From Contracts to Facility Maintenance
  • Templates to Documents
  • National Standards

About the Author

Megan Johnson is an AIA registered architect and avid academic who is the BIM Director for an architecture firm in Virginia. She has trained thousands of individuals to use Revit in a BIM-savvy manner over the past ten years. She has spoken internationally and has been published several times in publications like the Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences.



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