BIM 110 – BIM for Architects

The BIM 110 – BIM for Architects course is divided into two sections: the BIM-savvy architect and the Design Intent Model. This is to focus on both the interpersonal and technical skills needed—the hard and soft skills respectively. Sometimes you will find soft skills discussed when reviewing technology or hard skills discussed with reviewing interpersonal collaboration. This is what makes BIM so challenging—it’s hard to separate the two concepts. A strong, BIM-savvy organization requires an understanding of both.

By the end of this course, you will be able to: describe an architect’s role in the BIM process and expand on the BIM toolset skills needed by the architect, list the model development  minimums of the Design Intent Model, identify how the Design Intent Model becomes the Record Model, and discuss data integration in Existing Conditions, Design Intent Models, and  Record Models.

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Course Outline

Getting Started

The BIM Savvy Architect
Educating the Owner
Working with the Contractor
Model Development Minimums of Design Intent Model

The Data of the Design Intent Mode
Reconciliation and Record Model
Setting Up the Existing Condition
Architects and Data

Conclusion for Architects

About the Author

Megan Johnson is an AIA registered architect and avid academic who is the BIM Director for an architecture firm in Virginia. She has trained thousands of individuals to use Revit in a BIM-savvy manner over the past ten years. She has spoken internationally and has been published several times in publications like the Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences.