Adobe Photoshop CC Level 1

As part of the Creative Cloud, Adobe Photoshop can be used to edit images one at a time or in large batches or create digital “paintings” that appear to be drawn by hand. In the Adobe Photoshop CC Level 1 introductory course, you will familiarize with the Photoshop interface and many of the tools. You will learn about layers, selections, basic photo retouching, saving images, Adobe Camera Raw, and adding text to images.

Learning Objective

About Photoshop
Adobe Bridge
Open Images

Exploring the Interface
Workspace Basics
Working with Panels

Using the Tools
Move, Zoom, Pan
The Options Bar
Options to Undo

Image Basics
Image Size & Resolutions
The Canvas
Image Sources

Introduction to Layers
Layers Explained
Layer Properties
Adjustment Layers
Retouching Basics
Retouching Tools
Content-Aware Tools
Final Output

Making Selections
The Section Tools
Working with Selections
Select and Mask

Photo Fixes
Quick Fixes
How to Blur
Color Corrections

Saving Images
Saving for Print
Saving for Web
Creative Cloud Libraries

Camera Raw
Opening & Developing Raw Images

Creative Type
Type Options
The Character Panel
Type of Text

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