Microsoft Outlook 2013

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The Microsoft Outlook 2013 Complete Guide has been designed from the ground up, covering from basic to advanced topics.

Course Duration: 23 Hours

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Microsoft Outlook 2013: The Complete Guide

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Complete Guide uses a step-by-step, hands-on, skills-based approach to ensure student success. Compelling case studies demonstrate the relevance of the subject matter in practical situations.Topics include: The Ribbon interface; navigating in Outlook, setting email options, sending messages, attaching files, responding to messages, creating contacts, distribution lists, and creating notes, tasks and journal entries, and archive folders. Other topics included are Calendar sharing, snapshots, meeting cancellations, To Do Bar, calendar overlays, message attachments, search folders, color categories, rules, voting buttons and meeting update controls.

The Microsoft® Office Complete Guide series has been designed from the ground up for Global eTraining’s world-leading, online, on-demand GeT Interactive eTraining platform. With text from internationally recognized content matter experts, professional narration, video demonstrations by leading instructors, and Let Me Try exercises for users to get practical experience with the software, using downloadable datasets aligned with the presentation content.

To get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend you review every topic .within the course and take advantage of the different tools and activities to help to ensure you retain the important information within. We also encourage you to take all the progress tests to ensure you have retained the knowledge, and most importantly practice with the hundreds of real-world, Let Me Try examples.

Course Outline

  1. Getting Started with Outlook 2013
    • Introducing Outlook 2013
    • Navigating the Outlook Window
    • Accessing Help
  2. Working with Email
    • Getting Started with Outlook Email
    • Sending Messages
    • Handling Incoming Messages
    • Organizing Messages
  3. Working with People
    • Managing People in Outlook
    • Working with Contacts
    • Working with Contact Groups
    • Staying Connected with People
  4. Working with the Calendar
    • Exploring the Calendar
    • Sharing and Publishing Calendars
    • Printing Calendars
    • Working with Appointments and Meetings
    • Working with Notes, Tasks, and Integration
    • Working with Notes
    • Working with Tasks
    • Working with the Folder List and Categories
    • Integrating with Word and Mobile Devices
  5. Formatting Message Content with Track Changes
    • Formatting Message Content
    • Paragraph Formatting
    • Styles
    • Find & Replace
  6. Working with Message Attachments
    • Working with Message Attachments
  7. Using Search Folders
    • Using Search Folders
  8. Customizing Outlook
    • Customizing Outlook
  9. Message Options
    • Message Options
  10. Using Color Categories
    • Using Color Categories
    • Message Flags
  11. Rules
    • Rules
    • Junk Email
    • Desktop Alerts
  12. Meetings
    • Meetings
  13. Using Voting Buttons
    • Using Voting Buttons

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