Autodesk Maya Animation 2016

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In the Autodesk Maya Animation 2016 course, you will learn the major functions of Animation in Maya.

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Autodesk Maya Animation 2016: The Complete Guide

Autodesk Maya Animation 2016 course is designed to enables you to create realistic 3D models and visual effects with ease. Used to create interactive 3D applications, Maya is a comprehensive toolset that allows you to realize your creative vision. In this course, you will learn the major functions of Animation in Maya.

Course Outline

  1. Animation
    • Animation Types
    • Animation Controls
    • Creating Animations
    • Animation Menus
    • Animation Menus II
    • Animation Menus III
    • Animation Menus IV
    • Animation Layers
    • Animation Layers II
  2. Rigging, Constraints and Deformers
    • Bones, Joints and Deformers
    • Deformer Tools
    • Applying Constraints
    • Adding Constraint to Animation Layers
    • Skinning an Object and Muscle Deformer
    • Set Driven Key
  3. Paint Effects
    • Working with the Visor Window
    • Working with the Paint Effects Window
    • Working with the Paint Effects Window II
  4. Rendering
    • Renderers
    • Renderers II
  5. Particle System
    • Creating Particles
    • Creating Emitters
    • Particles
    • Creating Effects
  6. Introduction to nParticles
    • Creating nParticles
    • Creating nParticles II
  7. Fluids
    • Classifcation of Fluid Effects
    • Working with Fluid Containers
    • Fluid Components and Effects
  8. nHair
    • nHair
    • Simulating nHair
  9. Fur
    • Creating Fur with Maya
    • Creating Fur with Maya II
  10. Bullet Physics
    • Bullet Objects
    • Bullet Objects II

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