AutoCAD 2018 2D Drafting and Annotation (Guided)

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AutoCAD 2018 2D Drafting and Annotation The Complete Guide (Guided) is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD features and capabilities.

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AutoCAD 2018 2D Drafting and Annotation Complete Guide (Guided)

AutoCAD 2018 2D Drafting and Annotation The Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of AutoCAD features and capabilities. This course covers Starting with Sketching, Layers, Dimension Styles, Dynamic Blocks and A360.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 is a powerful CAD software helping professionals create 2D drawings faster and with more precision. Its simplified 2D drafting allows teams work more efficiently by sharing drawings across connected desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions.

This course has been created by Star GeT Contractor, AUGI Member and noted AU speaker Mike Thomas.

Course Outline

  1. New for AutoCAD 2018
    • Performance and Security Updates
    • User Interaction Changes
    • Document Improvements
  2. Introduction to AutoCAD
    • Introduction to AutoCAD
    • Getting Started with AutoCAD
  3. Starting with Sketching
    • Drawing Lines
    • Creating Other 2D Objects
    • AutoCAD Polylines
    • Adding Points
  4. Working with Drawing Aids
    • Drawing Aids
    • More Drawing Aids
  5. Editing Sketched Objects
    • Editing Sketched Objects
    • Duplicating Objects
    • Separating and Joining Sketched Objects
    • More Editing Tools
  6. Layers
    • Working with Layers
    • Layer Tools
  7. Editing Sketched Objects II
    • Object Properties
    • Utilizing Grips
  8. Creating Text and Tables
    • Annotative Objects
    • Creating Text
    • Using Tables
    • More Text Tools
  9. Dimensioning and Detailing Your Drawings
    • Dimensioning
    • More Dimensioning
    • Working with True Associative Dimensions
    • Adding Leaders
  10. Editing Dimensions
    • Editing Dimensions Using Editing Tools
    • Editing Dimensions Part 2
  11. Dimension Styles
    • Dimension Styles
    • Using Dimension Styles
  12. Adding Constraints to Sketches
    • Constraints in a Sketch
    • Dimensions, Parameters, and Equations
  13. Hatching Drawings
    • Hatching Basics
    • Modifying Hatch Properties
  14. Paper Space
    • Paper Space Layouts
    • Adding Viewports
    • Working with Viewports
    • Layout Tools
  15. Plotting Drawings
    • Plotting Draiwngs In AutoCAD
    • Plot Styles and Page Setups
    • Publishing to other File Types
  16. Template Drawings
    • Templates
    • Customizing Templates
  17. Working with Blocks
    • Working with Blocks
    • Inserting Blocks
    • Changing Blocks
  18. Dynamic Blocks
    • Building Dynamic Blocks
  19. AutoCAD Sheet Sets
    • An Introduction to Sheet Sets
    • Build a Sheet Set
    • Sheet Set Views
  20. AutoCAD and A360
    • AutoCAD in the Cloud

About the Author - Mike Thomas

Mike spent the first 12-years of his career in the Autodesk channel working for an Autodesk reseller as an Application Specialist. During his travels, he delivered countless hours of training, support, demos, and implementations. He was very fortunate to be able to help solve many issues with Autodesk software. Mike has been using AutoCAD since r13, cut his solid modeling teeth on Mechanical Desktop, and has been using Inventor since before it was known as Inventor. Data Management has always been a big part of his professional life, for the most part with Autodesk Vault.

Now he is the Technical Services Manager at Prairie Machine & Parts Mfg ( a mining equipment manufacturer. Reporting to the general manager, Mike is responsible for overseeing the company's technical operations and the strategic technical growth. His primary duties include the ongoing support of critical computer systems and programs and the interactions between departments.

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